Majestic Monster Candy Mash

TAKE 5 & Keep Halloween Rolo-ing On

Be-TWIX you and us…

we know you are o-FISHally missing Halloween. What better REESE-n to put your MOUNDS of PIECES of candy to good use than to keep the Halloween spirit ROLO-ing on? We’re stalling the SOUR PATCH of time leading up to all those other WHAT-CHA-MA-CALL-IT holidays, with a WHOPPER mash-up of tunes and treats.

Guest writer Channing helps you out during this CRUNCH time…

Giving you a GOOD & PLENTY full list of albums to play while devouring all of your Halloween loot. It doesn’t get better than Prince’s ROCKIN’ candy, Third Eye Blind’s ODE to blue chews, Green Day’s EXPLOSIVE Dookie or Vampire Weekends CREAMY DREAMY PB.

We’re here to play LIFESAVER. Listen NOW OR LATER, but a FAST BREAK for a mash-up this good can’t disappoint. While we are (star)BURSTing with happiness to have you reading our blog, we have a little EXTRA favor to ask. We think things are BUTTER when your FINGERs can get you interacting with us. So be a SWEETART and answer our poll.



Which Candy Mash-Up would you pay 100 GRAND for?

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