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Welcome to the new Majestic Blog! Perhaps you’re here because you love the Majestic (aw, we love you too, #besties), because you love music like we do, or because you accidentally found us while searching for pictures of majestic animals. In any case, we’d love for you to stick around (and come back again later)! So, without further ado…

  • On Madison Mondays, we’ll be setting you up with a weekly playlist showcasing upcoming artists or profiling local artists to help beef up your #madisonmusicscene cred.
  • On Tuesdays, we’ll be telling you all about an upcoming artist or show, because getting to the gig is much more fun when you’re informed.
  • Check back on Charts & Rec Wednesdays for tips on what music to pair with your pumpkin beer or listen to while rocking your unicorn onesie.
  • Thursdays we’ll get you in a Music State of Mind by getting nerdy with it and sharing some easy to digest science about your brain and mind on music. Hopefully one day we’ll find out the real question: if I listen to enough music, can I, too, be a famous rockstar?

Who’s bringing you this solid gold content?

Celeste “Flower Child” Benzschawel

Celeste sang every word during last year’s Local Natives show. Her favorite dad joke?
Me: “Hey… I was thinking…”
My Dad: “I thought I smelled something burning…”
She’d also love a Harry Potter holiday, and who can blame her?


Zach Keenum

Zach’s life can best be exemplified by the show Master of None. Auditioning for a singing reality show? He’d win the whole thing by singing “Goodnight Moon” by Go Radio. Plus, we can all value Zach for wanting a Matthew McConaughey Appreciation Day.


Augie Voss

Augie, often seen eating fruit, believes we should have an International Wear your Bathrobe to Work Day. His life is most like the hit TV Show Zaboomafoo. Favorite dad joke? What did the buffalo say when his son left? Bison.


ayana Kupisk

Dayana is impatiently waiting for the next Dessa show at Majestic. She’d gladly celebrate Onesie Appreciate Day, and if you catch her at Karaoke she’s likely at a table not singing because #tonedeaf. Want to hear a dad joke about paper? Nevermind. It’s tearable.


To get everyone warmed up, we’ll be spending this week basking in all things Halloween. Check back every day this week for new playlists, contests, and perhaps even a few local scares to keep you in the spirit all week long.

Like the content you’re seeing? Have ideas regarding the type of content you’d like to see?

Shoot us an email at editor@majestic-live.com.

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