Local Spotlight: Miyha

Madison’s local music collective, as I’m slowly but surely finding out, is pretty dense and diverse. As far as summing up a local scene in two adjectives goes, you can’t get much better than that. One of the up-and-coming contributors to Madison’s DIY scene is Miyha, an indie/punk/garage four piece that is one quarter Maggie Denman. I spoke briefly to the bassist about Madison and music’s symbiotic relationship, notable acts that we should keep our eyes (and ears) on, and what’s next for the young DIY group.

Majestic: Can you give me a brief history on the band and how you guys got started?

Maggie Denman: The band started a little over a year ago because Erik Fredine (drummer) texted Alejandra Perez (rhythm guitar and vocals) about starting a new band. I also had bugged her about this since I was a huge fan of her previous band Tarpaulin. Given the style of music, it was a no-brainer to add lead guitarist Mike Pellino. They originally had a different bass player; when he left, they reached out and I joined the band around March.

Majestic: What are some of your biggest musical influences, both within the band and individually?

Maggie Denman: As a band, we all jam out to emo regularly. Me personally, I listen to various genres, but punk and garage are my favorites.

Majestic: What’s been the biggest highlight of playing with Miyha so far?

Maggie Denman: For me, the biggest highlight is to create music and contribute to a band with such amazing musicians. For the band itself, the highlight will be playing with Bad Bad Hats in December. Alejandra and I are huge fans.

Majestic: Give me your overall impression of the Madison local music scene in one sentence.

Maggie Denman: PUNK AF. Haha, I’m just kidding, but really we have a thriving local and DIY scene here in Madison that continues to work towards supporting and growing local, regional and national artists.

Majestic: Aside from your upcoming show supporting Bad Bad Hats, what’s next for Miyha?

Maggie Denman: Since we’re all involved in multiple projects we’re going to try to take some time to practice, write, and potentially record. We’ll be playing a few shows here and there so keep on the lookout! 😉

Majestic: Any other local acts you want to shout out?

Maggie Denman: Well…there’s so many so let’s start with our other projects. Erik Fredine and Mike Pellino are in a few bands together: Tippy (lonely boy indie) and We Should Have Been DJs (basement emo angular punk). Mike also plays drums in one of my favorite bands, Christian Dior, alongside homie supreme, Spencer Bible. By the way, SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO SPENCER BIBLE AND ALL OF HIS PROJECTS. I play guitar/sing in Once a Month (lo-fi brat punk), According to What (fuzzy indie pop), and my solo project Margerat Dryer.

As for shout-outs to our buds: Wood Chickens, Cool Building, And Illusions, Twelves, Real Boy, Heather the Jerk, Coordinated Suicides, Anna Wang, No Hoax, Gods in the Chrysalis, Villainy of Thieves, Greenhaus, Skyline Sounds, & Dumb Vision. I know I’m forgetting some…so long story short, Madison has many good bands.

Check out Miyha supporting Bad Bad Hats at High Noon Saloon on December 9th!

Tickets are available HERE and don’t forget to RSVP.

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