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Sajeeb Saha – known on stage and in the EDM community as Jai Wolf – was born in Bangladesh and grew up in New York City, where he drew inspiration from a wide range of music styles. He has been showcasing his musical talent since taking up the violin at age five. In his teens, Saha began to experiment with making beats, and in his twenties, settled on the alias we’ve all come to know and love – Jai Wolf.

“The fact that Jai Wolf never quite fit in used to be fuel for his daydreams, now it’s what makes him one of the most exciting electronic artists of his generation.” – Mom + Pop Records.

His first claim to fame came with an “Eastern makeover” of Skrillex’s “Ease my Mind.” Generating over 2.8 million plays on Soundcloud, the bootleg track caught the attention of its composer, prompting Skrillex to sign the recording for release. The following year saw the remix played at major Skrillex headline shows, and pretty soon Jai Wolf was generating attention for his original song “Indian Summer”.

“‘Indian Summer’ was the first time I ever tried sampling South Asian music. I had no expectations. I thought it was a strange, weird song,” Jai Wolf says of the track that has now surpassed forty million plays on Spotify and bends the lines between indie and electronic.

The recently released music video for “Indian Summer” is a blissful adventure, reflecting Jai Wolf’s drift away from the intense drops of mainstream EDM in order to give the listener something more emotional and honest. The video, which takes place in several picturesque locations, is also an example of Saha’s personal connection to the natural world, mentioned in a 2017 Coachella Interview.

Holding every intention of bringing a similarly blissful experience to fans on tour, Jai Wolf goes on to say of his stage presence “I feel like a live show should be about storytelling, so I try to take whatever’s in my head and try to express that visually […] I hope that when people come to the show they’ll be able to visualize what I’m thinking.”

Since his appearance in the EDM community, Jai Wolf has continued to bedazzle fans and new listeners alike with his mastery of remixes and, even more so, with the release of his “Kindred Spirits” EP in 2016. The record, featuring six original songs and collaborations with JMR, MNDR, and the Chain Gang of 1974, was described by Billboard as grand, glowing, and cinematic. The Kindred Spirits 2016 tour, spanning forty days and, at one point, including 3 shows in 24 hours, was an opportunity for Jai Wolf to bring his music to life in a way that could physically bring people together. The tour featured performances all across the United States, selling out shows from Santa Ana, California to Atlanta, Georgia and captivating audiences with irresistible energy and one-of-a-kind light shows.

In the recently-dropped “Kindred Spirits: The Documentary,” Jai Wolf and his team talk set design, life on the road, and the passion that drives them to give concert-goers a truly unique and special experience. This year, he is back on the road, kicking off the 2017 Kindred Spirits tour on November 1st – no doubt with more energy and passion than ever before.

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Jai Wolf hits the Majestic stage, with special guests AOBeats, on November 12. Doors at 7:00pm. RSVP on Facebook!

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