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We are located at 115 King St, between the inner and outer loops of the Capitol Square. Please be advised that there is a King Blvd a block away, but that is not the correct street.
The Government East parking ramp, located between Doty and Wilson Streets at Pinckney has over 500 parking spaces available. Street parking is free after 6PM.
Tickets are available in three ways. Online, in person and over the phone. To purchase your tickets online and conveniently print them out at home, simply click here, or find the show you wish to see and click the tickets link. To purchase tickets in person, please visit our box office. The box office is open only on nights when we have ticketed shows & opens 30 minutes before the doors open for shows. To purchase tickets over the phone, please call our ticketing agency eTix: 800-514-ETIX.
Our policy is that you are allowed to bring in cameras. However, that may differ from the bands policy and the bands policy wins. Almost every band is ok with small digital cameras or point and shoots. Almost no band is ok with professional grade photographers without prior approval.
For all ticketed shows, doors open one hour prior to the published showtime. The box office opens a half hour prior to doors. What time the headliner takes the stage varies by event, but we highly encourage you to come support opening acts. That being said, usually an opening act plays at least 30 minutes and there is usually at least a 15 minutes between sets. So if there are two openers and the show starts at 8:00 PM, 9:30 is a decent bet for the headliner stage time.
In almost all cases, we are an all ages venue. On occasion, events are 18+ or 21+ and these will be noted in the ticketing notes for the show. Please read carefully. For non-concert events, there is almost always an underage surcharge.
The Majestic negotiated with almost every ticketing company available to achieve the best ticketing system with the lowest service charges. We find our convenience fees with eTix to be some of the lowest in the country and significantly lower than their major competitors such as Ticketmaster. The truth of the matter is this: We need a ticketing company with a robust online ticketing suite in order to offer our customers convenient online print at home/scan by phone tickets. We need a ticketing company that has a customer service department and is at the cutting edge of today’s technology. eTix is a company and these fees are their only source of revenue. The fee is also an insurance policy. On your way to the show and you forgot your tickets at home? As long as it is before door time, no problem! You can’t go to the show and want to give the tickets you purchased to someone else and have them left at will-call? No problem! You lost your tickets? No problem! And let’s be honest. Isn’t it convenient to be able to purchase tickets in your pajamas? Hopefully this explains a very confusing part of buying tickets these days. No one is ripping you off.
OK, still not a problem. Our box office is open when we are open for shows, and a ticket can be purchased with no convenience fee for any show that is on sale at that time, although we do charge a $1.00 fee for credit card processing. That being said, when you purchase a ticket through our box office, treat that ticket like cash. No refunds, no exchanges. If you lose it, there is nothing we can do.
You do not. Do not purchase print at home tickets from someone you do not know. ALL tickets are scanned at the door and a photocopied ticket will not gain you admittance to the venue. Buyer Beware!
This is not a big deal, call eTix (1-800-514-3849) with your order number and we can add your child’s name as an alternate pick up name.
Lost and forgotten tickets are not an issue so long as they were purchased online. Just call eTix at 1-800-514-ETIX and they will take care of you. If they are closed, call us and we can work it out on our end. If you couldn’t print your tickets prior to the show, have no fear – just pull up your email and we can scan the barcode from there. (Do us a favor, though, and delete any scandalous pics and turn up your brightness before you show us your phone.) VERY IMPORTANT: If you are on your way and doors are open, we cannot reissue any tickets. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Tickets purchased through our box office are non refundable, non exchangeable and need to be treated like cash. If you forgot those tickets at home, turn around and pick them up.
It means there are no more tickets left and you don’t get to see the show.
Sometimes bands hold tickets to ensure that their guests are able to see the show. If they do not use these, they release them for sale to the general public. However we do not know if more tickets will be made available until the afternoon of the show, so please not call earlier about this. In almost all cases, there are no tickets left, so buy early!
GA stands for general admission and means that there is no assigned seating or areas of any kind. First come first served.
To reserve an opera box or the mezzanine for a show for which you have already purchased tickets, please call us at 608-512-1869.
The night of the show starting one half hour before doors open.
There is seating in the balcony that is first come first served. If there are tables and chairs on the main floor, you can sit there. Otherwise you will be standing. If you have a disability or injury that requires special accommodations please let us know and we will do everything we can to make you comfortable. Some of our shows are fully seated, which will always be noted in the show information.
Yes! We have two full bars inside the Majestic. One on the main floor and one in the balcony. The balcony is not open for every show, however…
Nearly 100% of the time if we close the balcony for a show it is at the request of the headlining artist that night. Unfortunately, not every show is a sell out, and if we’ve only sold half the house and everybody sits in the balcony, playing our stage can be a pretty lonely place for the artists. It’s important to the performance of the artist – and to us – that they feel welcome. You do what them to come back and see us, don’t you?
There are only three reasons why you get thrown out of the Majestic: either you were blatantly breaking the law, you were being a jerk to those around you, or you got up on the stage or tried to sneak in. Sorry you hate us.
Don’t show up visibly intoxicated and you won’t have a problem.
No backpacks of any kind – sorry. We do have a coat and bag check for $3 per item during winter months only. All bags are subject to search.
You certainly can. Please click here or on the venue rental tab at the top for more information.
We always do everything we can to make sure that every guest we have is comfortable. Our building is ADA compliant. To best accommodate you, please arrive to the venue when doors open.
Become good friends with the band and have them invite you up. As a side note you cannot buy backstage passes. Anyone who claims they have one for sale is lying to you.
Yes we do, located in the main entryway hall.
Almost never, but lucky for you basically every other business on King Street is a restaurant ranging from casual to fine dining.
We do have a lost & found. Give us a call and we can let you know if we've found your item. We keep items for one to two weeks before either shredding credit cards or donating clothing items to Goodwill.
The Hilton Monona Terrace is the closest hotel to the Majestic. Other downtown hotels within easy walking distance to the Majestic include Best Western on the Square, Hyatt Place Hotel, Madison Concourse Hotel, and Edgewater Hotel.
Sorry, only you can decide if going to a concert is appropriate for your child. We are an all ages venue and have very strict wristband policies and strictly enforce the legal drinking age. You can always stop down and take a look around and see the Majestic for yourself, or even better, share the excitement of going to a concert with your kid.
Awesome! We’re always looking for talented local acts to add to our bills! Just fill out our Artist Submission Form and we’ll be in touch if we think it’s a good fit!



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