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Finger Eleven


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Finger Eleven, the alternative rock band from Ontario, and one of the best-selling Canadian bands of all time, have released a series of consecutive hit albums and become among the greatest live bands to ever emerge from the great White North. The Greyest of Blue Skies, their debut, broke Finger Eleven into the international mainstream, achieving Gold status in the United States and Platinum in Canada, and smashing the first single “One Thing“, across the radio and Billboard charts. Their 2007 album, Them vs. You vs. Me, launched the single “Paralyzer“, setting radio records in the US, peaking at #1 internationally and going 5x Platinum, the band’s second million+ seller. They won the Juno Award for Rock Album the following year and set an incredible run at rock radio, with an unbeaten #14 weeks at the top spot. Life Turns Electric, was nominated for a Juno Award for Best Rock Album of the Year. Five Crooked Lines continued to electrify audiences the world over and their Greatest Hits includes their biggest smash hit in a decade, Together Right, topping charts internationally.


If you think rock n’ roll fairy tales are a thing of the past, you haven’t met Eva Under Fire. These Detroit rock upstarts got their start five years ago and instantly began cutting their teeth in the underground rock scene, building an enthusiastic fanbase the old-fashioned way. However, the band’s trajectory shifted toward the stratosphere when they sent an unsolicited demo to Better Noise Music, who recognized the band’s hybrid of rock, metal, pop and classic rock as something wholly unique. Inspired by everyone from the Deftones to Journey, Love, Drugs & Misery combines soaring melodies and relentless riffing with the powerful pipes of vocalist Eva Marie, who passionately spreads the band’s inclusive message of hope during these uncertain times.

That said, it took a lot of hard work for them to get to this point. The group’s roots go back to 2015 when Eva, guitarists Chris Slapnik and Rob Lyberg, bassist Ed Joseph and drummer Corey Newsom, decided to get together and write music that represented their diverse set of influences. The chemistry clicked and after releasing a well received full-length and two EPs, the band signed to Better Noise and spent the past two years working on Love, Drugs & Misery, their most ambitious and fully realized release to date. “We really wanted to challenge ourselves with this record and focus on melodies and writing the best material that we could come up with,” Eva explains. “We really came up with the best of the best when it came to our songwriting. Some songs are fun, others are more emotional.”

For Love, Drugs & Misery, the band once again teamed up with local collaborators BJ Perry (I Prevail, Escape The Fate) and John Pregler, whose collective attention to detail helped the band fine-tune their sound. “BJ and John made sure everything was really focused and the best it could be, especially the melodies,” Eva explains. That laser focus allowed the band to create an album that is as creative as it is authentic. “My biggest influence is probably Deftones because they have such an innovative mix of sounds,” Chris explains, “and Eva’s voice is so powerful that she can sing anything. The album is basically a mix of everything we all listen to from classic rock to modern metal.” Eva, who got her start singing along to show tunes and pop music before discovering acts like Evanescence and Breaking Benjamin, agrees. “It’s really a combination of a lot of different influences from all ends of the musical spectrum.”

From the syncopated, distortion-drenched groove of the opener “Misery” to the palm-muted riffs and massive hooks of “Blow” (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills) and explosive anthemics of “Unstoppable,” Love, Drugs & Misery has plenty of moments of guitar-driven grandeur. However that aggression is balanced by gripping ballads such as “The Strong” and “Give Me A Reason,” which are as inspiring as they are impactful. Then there’s “Heroin(e),” an electronica-infused, arena-ready rocker that holds special resonance for Eva. “I wrote that song from a personal space and the music was built around the lyrics,” she explains about the song, which deals with the experience of drug addiction within her family. “I was so grateful that the story could remain intact because it was so powerful, but it was so close to me that I wasn’t sure if it should go on the record or not.” Once the label heard the song they not only embraced it but included it in the upcoming Better Noise film, Sno Babies.

That balance of style and substance lies at the core of Eva Under Fire. For that reason they weren’t scared to try new things on Love, Drugs & Misery, whether that was using Talk Box guitar effects, integrating shredding guitar solos or putting their stamp on the 1987 U2 hit, “With or Without You.” Simply put, this collection of songs couldn’t have come from anyone else. “There’s a lot of grit in the vocals on this album and that’s because the aggression, anger and sadness are real,” Eva explains. “In the studio I was able to tap into those real emotions on demand because I knew that this was important. This is our platform where you need to show how real and true it is—whether you’re having a blast in the moment or you’re on the verge of tears, that’s what you want to convey. I think our producers did a great job of making us feel at home.”

“I’m really happy because this album isn’t twelve songs of the exact same style, there’s a variety where you can hear the different influences and that’s important to me,” Chris summarizes. “We wave a flag of humanity and I think this record is encouraging in the sense that whoever listens to this record will find something that will speak to them in its own way,” Eva adds. “We worked so hard to get to where we are today, but we made it. I think this album will really bring a lot of people together and that’s so needed now,” she adds. “I can’t wait to see what that will translate to when we’re finally about to get out there and tour again.”


As if channeling a primal urge to let loose under cover of darkness, Moon Fever churns out slick, swaggering, and soulful rock ‘n’ roll anthems amplified by raw attitude and stark emotion. The Seattle quartet—Triston Bracht [vocals], Mitch Micoley [guitar], Dave Orton [bass], and Troy Wageman [drums]—captivate with a one-two punch of raucous instrumentation and intoxicating melodies. After racking up millions of streams independently and earning acclaim from the likes of Alternative Press, Substream Magazine and many more, the group continues to sharpen their signature style and plan to release a complete collection of songs later this year.

“We’re not trying to sell people anything,” Triston says. “I’ve got pain, blood, and shit I want to get out of the water. We do music because it fills a hole in our souls.  When you see us on stage, it’s clear we’re best friends. There’s nothing choreographed. When you listen to us, I hope you believe in what we’re doing too—because we do.”

“Everything we do starts with being real,” Mitch agrees.

At 17-years-old, Mitch traded his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin for Los Angeles, CA. However, Seattle called to him in 2020. He settled in the Emerald City and linked up with Troy and Dave. Nodding to influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, The Doors, and Alice In Chains, the group had initially gained traction with the Payphone Blues EP highlighted by “Cocaine,” which generated millions of combined streams and counting.  Upon meeting Triston in 2022, the lineup cemented.

He was the guy,” Mitch goes on. We started writing together, recording, and making songs.”

Building a reputation as a proven live presence, the musicians lit up stages alongside the likes of Adelita’s Way, Godsmack, Otherwise and Buckcherry. Following the raucous “Live Fast Die Young,” Moon Fever bulldozed their way further into the public with the releases of “I’m Gone” and “Nothing Left To Lose.” The 2023 single “Getting Loud” rides a hummable riff towards an unshakable and undeniable hook as Triston wails, “It’s getting loud. I hear a voice in my head, before a scorching guitar lead on the bridge. It lives up to Mitch’s promise of “Big high energy rock.

“Lyrically, it’s about being anxiety-ridden,” reveals Triston. “I think a lot of us hear those voices in our head. You’ve got to get the demons out, baby.”

Then, there’s “Forever Sleep.” The band conjure up a hypnotic chorus that gives way to a scorching solo. Accompanied by a video directed by Jim Louvau [Jerry Cantrell, Greg Puciato], it cuts deep.

“It’s very Seattle and probably the best thing we’ve written thus far,” notes Mitch. “We based the idea around the horribleness of existence. It’s pretty emotional and honest.”

In the end, Moon Fever provide the best kind of escape.

“A lot of people work nine-to-five jobs and just go through the motions in life,” Mitch leaves off. “They need a break to feel free, be themselves, and have a great time. We want to give them a chance to escape reality and experience a kickass rock show.”

“If I didn’t have music, I don’t know what I’d be doing,” Triston concludes. “I hope what we’re doing in Moon Fever makes an impact on you.”


Led Zeppelin 2

Based on the latest local guidelines, attendees are no longer required to provide proof of negative COVID-19 test AND/OR vaccination for entry into this event. Other shows on our calendar may still have specific health and safety requirements based on artist request.  Be sure to check our venue website for the latest updates and guidelines as entry requirements are subject to change. 

THUNDERSTRUCK: America’s AC/DC Tribute

Thunderstruck: America’s AC/DC Tribute

Recreating the “Thunder From Down Under” throughout the Midwest, south, and northeast United States, Thunderstruck is constantly adding new cities and aims to please every crowd – playing the songs you know and love from all eras of AC/DC.

Dave Moody screeches out the ball breaking vocals of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, covering all the hits and deep cuts from 1975’s “High Voltage” to 2014’s “Rock or Bust.”

Caleb White brings the sound and image of Angus Young to the stage, complete with a school boy uniform and Gibson SG.

The rhythm section of the band is comprised of drummer Justin Manley, bassist Chris Jones, and rhythm guitarist Kevin Feller, who keeps the music rocking and solid with smooth precision.

Striving to stay true to the AC/DC way, Thunderstruck obsesses over the tones and structures of each song’s studio and live versions, also using all the gear necessary to bring the power and entertainment of a genuine AC/DC show.


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