Local Spotlight: Venus in Furs

This week we’re catching up with Cynthia and Marlo from local band Venus in Furs. You can catch Venus in Furs playing at Punk Fest at Majestic on January 5th. Learn more about the band and grab tickets to the fest below!

Majestic: Thank you so much for being willing to chat with us! Can you start off by sharing a bit of history about the band?

Marlo: Nat and Marlo met through a mutual friend back in 2009. Nat knew of Vic from Roller Derby and recruited her to play in our dance-punk band. Our primary goal was to be entertaining and give people something that they just had to move to. Cyn came to one of our early shows in 2010 with Shane (from Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons) and must have thought we did something right. She asked to be in the band later that year, and we couldn’t have been more excited. Cyn added a special balance to the bands sound and dynamics. We have been playing mostly locally ever since, with the exception of a 10-day tour to New York and back in 2011.


Majestic: What are some of the band’s musical influences?
The Breeders, Agent Orange, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metric, Sylvan Esso, The Type, Damsel Trash

Majestic: What’s been your favorite show to play to date? Why?

Marlo: Our recent Halloween show at the Frequency (Oct 28, 2017) with Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons, Shane Shane, Lady Scissors, and DJ Sarah Akawa and DJ Boyfriend was amazing. We were all having so much fun and it really came out in our performance. There have been a lot of shows like that, that feel so good because everyone is nailing their parts and so tight.

Cynthia: Another really special show that we play most every year is one of the lunch time shows for Girls Rock Camp. We show up around noon while the girls are getting out their lunchboxes and putting in earplugs. The girls dance and scream and let loose, and it’s a fantastic scene. It’s an honor to play for them and we hope that we can be part of creating a culture where girls can think of themselves in bands. When I was a teenager, I would go see ska shows at the Loft or Union South and I remember wanting desperately to be part of live music, I just loved it so much. There were so few local examples of women in bands though, at least that I remember. I have this vivid memory of looking around a show and thinking, “maybe someday I could, like, run the lights or something?” Everytime we play Girls Rock Camp, I think of that night. I hope we’re part of creating a scene where every girl can imagine herself up on stage.

Majestic: Do you have any thoughts on the local band scene in Madison? How has it changed? Or perhaps some acts to keep an eye out for?

Marlo: Keep an eye on Hell Muff, Damsel Trash, and Lady Scissors.

Cynthia: This town is a great place to play music–folks are supportive, fun, and creative. We’ve got more than our fair share of fantastic venues, record stores, record labels, recording studios, music journalism, and music fans. What more can you ask for?

As for the local band scene, I started off going to shows at the Loft downtown, Union South, various basements/spaces, and the Anchor Inn (now the Green Owl-hard to imagine!). At the time, there were scads of enthusiastic music fans. And now, there are still scads of enthusiastic music fans, but I’m mostly at home with my 4-year-old. I have ample trust that the kids are alright and they’ll keep things rolling along in weirdo basement shows, worrying about the cops showing up and getting electrocuted. Except now they have their Insta-whose or Snap-pads or whatever. We didn’t have those in my days, we had to put up posters. On light poles and kiosks. In the snow.

Majestic: Venus in Furs is set to play at Punk Fest in January. What’s got you most excited about this Fest?

Marlo: We are happy to add to the diversity of Punk Fest, as an all-female band with queer members. The venue is going to be so fun to play.

Majestic: Aside from Punk Fest, what else is in store for the band come 2018?

Marlo: Jan 20th we are planning a show at the Crystal Corner.

Cynthia: Marlo’s wife is having a baby in February, so the band will have some downtime. We will be focusing on writing new songs and polishing some that are partially complete.

Want more see Venus in Furs? Connect with them on Facebook for the newest band news, and don’t forget to
 Check them out at Wisconsin Punk Fest at Majestic on January 5th. (RSVP Here)

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