Sparking Productivity in the New Year

If you can remember WAAAAY back to 2017 (too soon?), we spent quite a bit of time talking about productivity. While some of us may have struggled to stay productive in the weeks nearing the holidays, others of us may be equally struggling now to get back into the swing of things.

Science has discovered that different music can be helpful for different things when it comes to helping us get our work done. Some dynamic sounds can help drown out distractions and help us push through busy work (for help with that, check out this playlist).

Other studies show that sometimes the best type of music for studying or creative work is music without lyrics! Lyrics can sometimes provide a distraction, especially if you’re more of a wordsmith or English buff than most, so it’s understandable that instrumental music can be the perfect remedy for your scatterbrained head.

Put some headphones in, crack open the textbook, and hone in. Let the sounds be your working brain’s backdrop.

Listen here!

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