A Playlist to Keep You Productive All Season

The holidays are a time when we often fall into being…. well… less than our most productive. The days are shorter and darker, we’re fighting bitter cold, and with ample time off from school or work, the New Year can sort of be like the 2-month long version of a Friday afternoon in the office. That’s where we come in.

Here on Music State of Mind, we’ve explored the science behind using music to be productive. First, we talked about music, productivity, and focus (check out the post, here). We learned that different music can help in different ways – the distracting tendencies of certain lyric-heavy, melodically inconsistent music can be more harmful than helpful if you’re trying to write a last minute essay on the fall of the intelligentsia; Instead, you’d likely be better off with something instrumental. On the flipside, if you’re blasting through some busywork and need to drown out a coworker describing the Christmas sweater they just bought for their cat, you might need something a bit more dynamic and propulsive.

That’s why this week’s playlist brings tunes with deep grooves, flowing vocals, and driving melody to help you power through just about any task without drawing your attention away from it. Happy listening, and good luck knockin’ out these last few work weeks of 2017!

Listen Here!


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