C&R: Seasonal Brews and Autumn Tunes

Put down your PSLs, Madison, we’re here to share our round-up of favorite fall beers and what you should listen to while you sip away in your best and warmest flannel. Cheers!

1. Listen to Robert Plant – Carry Fire

Seemingly standard autumnal fare on the surface, this selection’s album and beer both also have a lot more layers and attitude than expected. The former Led Zeppelin frontman’s new album is folk on the surface but incorporates a bevy of eastern sounds, fuzzy rock riffs, and heavily layered effects. Lakefront’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale is aged in brandy barrels and is much fuller-bodied than a normal pumpkin beer, making it as robust and multi-dimensional as the Fire.

Pair it with Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Lakefront Brewing, Milwaukee



2. Listen to CITIZEN – As You Please

Both the beer and the album are dark, moody, and unapologetic, with an unexpected yet welcome attitude. In the beer, the attitude comes from the pine and citrus characters of the hops. In the album, the Ohio alt-rockers manage to put forth both a somber and angry vibe simultaneously, through Mat Kerekes’ aggressive vocals and guitar tones that pay tribute to bands like Nirvana and Silverchair.

Pair it with Black Top IPA from New Glarus Brewing, New Glarus

3. Listen to Kamasi Washington – Harmony of Difference

Both the beer and the album are wild, creative, and unabashed, yet smooth on the finish, somehow. Ale Asylum Brewmaster Dean Coffey has mentioned that labeling the beer as a Grand Cru keeps it stylistically undefined, leaving room for experimentation. You’ll find a smorgasbord of fall flavors in here – everything from plum to raisin to cinnamon, and even some teases of banana and clove. Experimentation is often a centerpiece of jazz, and Kamasi Washington certainly embraces that on his new EP, Harmony of Difference. It’s almost directly in the name, too – diversity can definitely be beautiful. He proves it on this nu-jazz tour-de-force, featuring his signature saxophone, bass, guitar, drums, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, and flourishes of so much more.

Pair it with Mercy Grand Cru from Ale Asylum, Madison

Want to read more about the album and Kamasi Washington? Check out our recent blog post, here. To see Kamasi Washington LIVE, grab some ticket’s for the November 8th show at the Majestic and RSVP on Facebook here

4. Listen to Cut Copy – Haiku from Zero

Bright, lively, and fun. Something that can be a pleasant necessity once Wisconsin moves into the colder months. The generous use of experimental sounds and synthesizers on Haiku From Zero will keep you dancing. There’s no denying the fun factor that Cut Copy brings. As lively as Cut Copy is, so too is Wet n Happy from Third Space. The fresh, unprocessed hops pack an unyielding punch of tropical fruit, orange, and grapefruit. The flavors that come from this beer are just as lively and bright as Haiku.

Pair it with Wet N Happy Pale Ale from Third Space Brewing, Milwaukee

5. Listen to Every Time I Die – Low Teens

Heavy, bold, lively, and perhaps sometimes should be taken in small doses. The beer is malty, boozy, drenched in caramel and packed with dried fruit and warming spices. The album is just as jam-packed as the beer, only with metal and hardcore fervor instead of malts and hops. It’s a seamless and chaotic combination of hardcore urgency, metal brutality, and rock melodies, and with a band like Every Time I Die, the chaos and boldness feel right at home.

Pair it with Autumnal Fire from Capital Brewery, Middleton

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