Artist Information


Front of House System

  • Digidesign 48 Channel SC-48

Monitor System

  • 7 – EV X-Array XW15 monitors (15”x3”)
  • 1 – EV PX2152 drumfill (2×15”, 2×2”)
  • 6 – Crown MA 36×12 amps with AMCb PIP cards installed

Monitor Console

  • Digidesign 48 channel SC-48


  • 20 – EV XLD-291 line array cabinets
  • 8 – EV CP4000s
  • 2 – EV DX-46 FIR Drive System Processors


  • 12 – EV X subs

Microphones, Direct Boxes & Stands

  • 2 – Shure Beta 52a
  • 4 – Shure SM94s
  • 3 – Sennheiser 604s
  • 2 – Sennheiser E609s
  • 10 – Shure SM57s
  • 6 – Shure SM58s
  • 8 – Radial JDI Direct Boxes
  • 16 – K&M Tall Tripod
  • 4 – K&M Tall Round base
  • 12 – K&M Medium Round base
  • 2 – K&M Short Round base
  • 2 – LP Drum Claws


  • 40 channel split snake
  • 1-8’x8’ drum riser


Please note that because of our fire protection system, that any and all haze effects are 100% controlled by the house. We have beam detectors that will alert the fire department if anything moves in front of them. This also includes balloons, confetti and people.

  • 26 Chauvet COLORdash Par Tri LED Lights
  • APC40 Ableton Performance Controller Board & Monitor
  • I Leko
  • Proscenium audience blinder


We are located at 115 King Street directly off Capitol Square in Downtown Madison.

Advancing Shows


Promoter / Settlement:  Scott Leslie 

Promoter / Marketing:  Matt Gerding

Marketing Director:  Lauren Toler

Marketing Coordinator: Hillary Gunn

Contracts/ Box Office:  Kasey Breda

Accounting / Deposits:  Bryce Heth

Promoter Advance:  Beaver Bertram

Technical Advance:  Dan Edwards


We reserve parking meters on the 100 block of East Doty St. in downtown Madison. Meters are bagged either for the full day or for a half day. Please let us know what time you will be arriving during the advance so that you have a place to park upon your arrival. Once parked, your bus or van can live in this space until 8:00 AM the following morning.

There is no shore power hook up unfortunately.

Load In

Across the sidewalk and directly onto the deck.  No stairs.  Please keep this in mind when determining your labor calls.  Our house nut includes two loaders and in almost all cases this is more than sufficient.  


We have two artist green rooms, one with a private bathroom, and a production office for your use on the day of the show.  Wi-Fi information will be on day sheets upon your arrival.


We are located in the heart of the Capitol Square in Downtown Madison with several amazing restaurants on our block.  Please consult our dining page for a complete list.  Your meal buyout does come with a 30% Food and Drink (includes alcohol) coupon for Merchant, a local farm to table and craft cocktail lounge.  


Our stage is roughly 22 ft across the front by 22 ft. deep. Monitor world is stage left and there is minimal dead case storage behind that. We have one 8×8 drum riser and the stage is curtained across the back and sides.  Please email Beaver for a stage diagram.

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