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The Majestic Theatre had its grand opening as a vaudeville house on December 15, 1906. It was built by brothers Edward and Otto Biederstaedt and is Madison’s oldest operating theatre. Over the years, everything from silent movies to the shows of Harry Houdini have graced the historic stage. There were even a few years where the theatre showed movies that featured the letter “X” rather prominently after the title. After a brief incarnation as a dance club, the Majestic Theatre returned to its history of show business roots — this time as a world-class live performing arts venue.

Beyond live music, the Majestic also features stand-up comedy, dance parties, weddings, community events, and even “Brew n’ View” movies from time to time. Who knows, we may even host an occasional burlesque show now and then to liven things up.

We hope you’ll visit us regularly to enjoy the artistic offerings we bring you. There’s a lot of great live music to discover, and no one can disagree: Beer Tastes Better in the Front Row.