Live on King FAQ

Live on King Street Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are set times?
A: Gates at 6PM, music begins at 7PM

Q: Where do I enter?
A: The 100 block of King Street, closest to the capitol square.

Q: When should I get there?
A: We do expect it to fill up quickly, so if you want a front row spot, we suggest getting here right at 6PM. All good things to come afterward.

Q: Is this an all ages event?
A: Yup! All are welcome.

Q: Is the event rain or shine?

A: Yes

Q: Can I bring a chair or something to sit down on?
A: Please don’t bring any chairs on blankets onto King street itself, unless you’re required to sit. You won’t be able to see the stage while sitting.

Q: Will there be beer there?
A: Yes, if you are 21+ you can acquire a wristband by the gates to purchase alcohol. Bartenders can not and will not serve you until you have a wristband.

Q: Where can I drink this beer you speak of?
A: You may only consume the beer on the 100 block of King Street. Beer should not be taken outside of those confines or you in troubleeeeeee.

Q: Will there be food vendors?

A: There will not be food carts or vendors on King Street, but we highly recommend grabbing some food at some of the many incredible restaurants in the First Settlement District.

Q: Do I need a ticket to access?

A: No ticket needed! Simply just walk onto King Street and you’re in!

Q: Is it true it’s free?

A: The truest thing we’ve ever told you.

Q: How can it be free?
Q: What if I want to keep partying after the show?
A: We’ll be having an after party at the Majestic after each Live On King Street show. You can find details on our website.

Q: What is this #LOKS hashtag you keep pushing on us?
A: It’s a cool way to keep track of everyones stories and experiences from Live on King Street. It’s like we are all one social Live on King family. Dawwwww.

Q: How magical will the show be?
A: 100% magic guaranteed.

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