Live on King Street FAQ

Q: What is Live on King Street?

A: It’s an outdoor concert series consisting of six FREE Friday night shows by nationally touring artists in downtown Madison (in front of the Majestic) from June – September, 2019.

 Q: Who is playing Live on King Street this year?

A: We’re releasing the full lineup on May 8th!

Q: Is it true it’s free?

A: The truest thing we’ve ever told you.

Q: How can it be free?

A: Because of our amazing sponsors: Festival Foods, Wisconsin Distributors, Isthmus, Madison Gas & Electric, Ian’s Pizza, Red Bull, Union Cab, Heartland Credit Union, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, Madison Top Company, & Chalmers Jewelers.

Q: Do I need a ticket to access?

A: No ticket needed! Simply just walk onto King Street and you’re in!

Q: Where do I enter Live on King Street?

A: The 100 block of King Street, closest to the capitol square.

Q: Is there a chance that a Live on King Street show could hit capacity?

 A: There is. We strongly advise arriving when gates open at 6PM (music will start at 7PM).

 Q: Is this an all ages event?

A: Yup! All are welcome.

Q: Can I bring a chair or something to sit down on?

A: Please don’t bring any chairs on blankets onto King Street itself, unless you’re required to sit. You won’t be able to see the stage while sitting.

 Q: I have an injury or disability that will require me to sit during the show. What are my options?

A: If you are required to sit, you may bring a chair onto King Street. We ask you arrive by 6PM and set up on the terrace between the sidewalk and roadway.

 Q: Will there be beer there?

A: Yes, there will beer for purchase courtesy of Wisconsin Distributors. If you are 21+ you can acquire a wristband by the gates to purchase alcohol. Bartenders can not and will not serve you until you have a wristband.

Q: Where can I drink this beer you speak of?

A: You may only consume the beer on the 100 block of King Street. Beer should not be taken outside of those confines or you in troubleeeeeee.

Q: What is this #LOKS2019 hashtag you keep pushing on us?

A: It’s a cool way to keep track of everyones stories and experiences from Live on King Street. It’s like we are all one social Live on King family. D’awwwww.

See you on King Street this summer!

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