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FPC Live Presents:

Theo Katzman

w/ Rett Madison

Sunday, March 8

7:30pm Doors |

8:30pm Show

$20 ADV | $25 DOS

All Ages. Doors 7:30PM.

“Modern Johnny is a feeling,” says acclaimed singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Theo

Katzman in regards to his forthcoming self-release Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of

Vibe, due out in early 2020. “It’s closer to Vonnegut’s Kilgore Trout than Bowie’s Ziggy

Stardust—Modern Johnny represents the journey, the quest, the plight of the singer-songwriter

trying to make it in today’s music world.”

Known for his rock-and-roll inspired solo albums, as well as his contributions to internet funk

sensation Vulfpeck, Katzman has had this feeling bubbling in the recesses of his mind for some

time now, weaving its way through his songwriting process and onto his recordings. The feeling

itself is multi-dimensional: it’s a subtle sarcasm, but not at the expense of sincerity; criticism, but

not at the expense of joy; character, but not at the expense of vulnerability.

Modern Johnny is not an alter-ego per se, but he and Katzman do have some striking

similarities. Both were born in the mid-‘80s, forming their musical identities from the rubble of

‘90s rock radio, the remains of their parents’ record collections, a handful of ‘Greatest Hits’

compilations on Compact Disc, and several hard drives’ worth of miscredited MP3s from

Napster. Both arrived in Los Angeles in the mid 2010’s with a “songs-can-change-the-world”

attitude, fully expecting to join the Eagles. Both find themselves stumbling through the free

market in the age of social, the age of streaming…the Age of Vibe.

The year is 2020. Billy Joel hasn’t released an album in over two and a half decades, Stevie

Wonder is ranked 230th on Spotify, and The Beatles are best known for their appearance in the

XBOX video game “Rock Band.”

It’s hard to know what to make of all of this… and Modern

Johnny isn’t necessarily what the kids are asking for. He’s too heart to be hip, too hip to be

pop, too pop to be rock, and too rock to be art.


But no matter the zeitgeist, both Theo Katzman and Modern Johnny forge ahead the only way

they know how: in pursuit of messy, honest, exuberant human emotion through popular song.

The result is Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe.

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